Electro-coagulation by shortwave diathermy is a quick, and inexpensive, method of removing unsightly thread veins / spider veins.

It is important to identify the cause of the veins so that you can avoid their recurrence after treatment.  Thread veins and spider veins are caused by many factors and may present themselves rapidly or develop over a number a years.  


  • Temperature - Sudden changes in temperature causing vasoconstriction and / or dilation.
    • Sauna & steam rooms
    • Weather extremes
    • Sunbathing
  • Sports
    • Swimming
    • Skiing
    • Aerobic exercise
  • Rough Treatments From incorrect or excessive use
    • Scrubs & peels
    • Flannels and abrasive sponges
  • Medication
    • Some prescription drugs can alter the skin causing thinning and damage
  • Pressure
    • Spectacles
    • Squeezing spots
    • Tight clothing
    • Knocking & bruising to the area
  • Medical Conditions
    • High blood pressure
    • Pregnancy
  • Hereditary
    • Many conditions, including skin type, are inherited.


Thread Vein Removal