Electro-coagulation by shortwave diathermy is a quick, and inexpensive, method of removing unsightly skin tags and moles.


Skin tags

These are harmless growths most usually found on the neck, armpits, groins, eyelids and under the breasts.  Snagging on clothing or jewellery and unsightliness are the most common reasons for removal.   The removal of skin tags is regarded as cosmetic surgery and as such is rarely available through the NHS.



Most moles are completely harmless and the most common reasons for their removal are unsightliness, catching on your clothing or impeding shaving.  Occasionally, doubts may be raised about the appropriateness of removal, and you may be asked to see your GP to ensure that it is medically safe to proceed to treatment.  Please take time to see the link on the ABCDEs of melanoma.


Post treatment

Keep the area clean and dry.  Avoid picking at the treated site, as this will encourage scarring.  Your practitioner will see you again after two weeks for a check up.


Related Information

Sudden changes in mole appearance should always be checked by a healthcare professional. For more information, please visit skincancer.org SkinCancer.org Website