Latisse / Lumigan - a prescription treatment for thicker, longer and darker lashes

Latisse / Lumigan is a simple lash treatment that you can apply yourself at home, that will lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.


Perfect for growing your natural lashes before a holiday, a wedding or the festive party season, this treatment will completely transform your lashes making them look so luscious and long that people will think you’re wearing lash extensions.


A prescription only treatment, Latisse / Lumigan is a solution used to treat hypotrichosis, a medical condition whereby a person doesn’t have enough hair on their head or body. As much as it has been used to help people with a medical condition, the FDA have now acknowledged and approved Latisse / Lumigan as an eyelash beautifier.


This treatment is now an exciting part of a woman’s beauty regime since it means that lashes grow naturally thicker, longer and darker without the regular need to have lash extensions which fall out and can damage the existing lashes left behind.


Apply the treatment with a clean cotton bud or brush applicator to the top eyelid, along the base of the skin, close to the lash line. Do this once every night and within around 8 weeks you’ll begin to notice your lashes thickening and getting longer and darker. You’ll be amazed at the difference that this treatment makes, even resulting in you not needing to wear mascara every day.


Upon stopping the treatment of Latisse / Lumigan, your lashes will simply return to their previous state, often within 2 months.



Latisse / Lumigan Last Treatment FAQ’s


Am I suitable for Lumigan lash treatment?


You are absolutely suitable for Lumigan lash treatment if you have thin, short lashes or simply lashes that are sparse and barely noticable.


If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lashes, a daily application of Latisse / Lumigan will start having an effect between 8 and 12 weeks when lashes will looking noticeably thicker, longer and fuller.


What will happen during my Latisse / Lumigan Lash Treatment?


During your initial consultation you’ll receive instructions on how to apply the treatment to your upper lid skin, close to your lashes, once every day. You’ll also be told what to expect as the treatment progresses. Generally people start to see results after 8 weeks though for some, it is more like 12 weeks.

Is Latisse / Lumigan Lash Treatment safe?


Latisse is the first FDA approved prescription treatment to grow lashes for people with inadequate or not enough lashes.


FDA regulations are extremely stringent, and when a drug is FDA approved, that means it’s efficacy and safety have been scientifically studied in valid clinical trials.


How often should I apply Latisse / Lumigan lash treatment?


The recommended application is once every day, to the skin just along the base of the lashes on the top eyelid. We recommend this treatment as part of your night time routine.


What happens if I stop using Latisse / Lumigan?


If you decide to stop using Latisse / Lumigan lash treatment, your lashes will simply return to their previous condition within around 2 months.


How much does a Latisse / Lumigan Eye Lash Treatment Cost?


The price of one treatment is £95