Dermal fillers are a popular treatment for lines and wrinkles caused by the ageing process or sun exposure.

Areas such as the forehead, mouth, chin and nose to mouth (nasolabial) lines are commonly treated with dermal fillers and result in a smoother, fresher appearance.

Lip augmentation is another very popular use of dermal fillers. It is a fabulous treatment for plumping up the lips and enhancing the cupids bow and lip border.

Cheek augmentation is a beautiful treatment that restores your youthful appearance. Bone and tissue loss is a natural part of the ageing process and directly contributes to facial sagging.  By replacing volume we are able to underpin the facial structure creating an enhancing, natural lift.  

For client comfort, and to reduce the incidence of bruising and swelling, a blunt tip cannula is used to inject the dermal filler.  Blunt tip cannulas have revolutionised  dermal filler treatments, now making it possible to treat several areas through a single entry point.

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Dermal Fillers