Latisse / Lumigan - a prescription treatment for thicker, longer and darker lashes

It’s the festive season which means that it’s time to up the beauty regime in preparation for Christmas parties and family gatherings.


Longer, thicker and darker lashes can make you feel even more fabulous when wearing your perfect dress, and for those who don’t want to opt for semi-permanent lash extensions, which can start looking sparse after a couple of weeks, a more natural solution is available.


Latisse / Lumigan - a prescription treatment for thicker, longer and darker lashes


Latisse / Lumigan is a simple lash treatment that you can apply yourself at home, that will lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.


A prescription only treatment, Lumigan Lash Treatment is a solution which you apply with a clean cotton bud or brush applicator to your top eyelid, along the base of the skin, close to the lash line.


We recommend you do this every night after your regular night time skincare routine. Apply it just before you go to bed and let it work it’s magic while you sleep.


At around 8 weeks, you’ll begin to notice your lashes thickening and getting longer and darker. So much so that people will think you are wearing lash extensions. You’ll be amazed at the difference this treatment makes and it will even mean that you can go out in the morning without having to wear mascara.


This treatment is perfect if you have a special event coming up, you’re going on holiday, getting married or you simply just want to feel really good throughout the year.


The best part is that the lashes are yours, they are just the best version that yours can be; Thicker, longer and darker and they’ll stay this way until you stop applying the solution.


When you stop applying the Latisse / Lumigan solution, your eyelashes will return to their condition prior to starting the treatment. It will take around 8 weeks for them to return to normal.


If you have a special occasion in your diary, why not begin the Latisse / Lumigan Eyelash Treatment 8 weeks prior, to make sure you’re lash perfect!


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